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Kal Lavelle – The Ocean

Today (14th May 2013) sees the release of new single The Ocean by talented Irish musician Kal Lavelle. A single which will only enhance her ever-growing reputation as one of the best ‘undiscovered’ singer/songwriters around. A favourite Of Perez Hilton, the … Continue reading

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Moths, Pirates and Diamonds with Fiona Bevan at Theta Cafe, Ipswich

You can’t say I didn’t warn you, having recommended this evening of musical magic in a previous blog. If you couldn’t make it (for whatever reason – maybe you had to polish the cat) you missed something quite special featuring … Continue reading

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Leddra Chapman at The Borderline, London

Wednesday 30th January 2013 Lee Broderick/Kal Lavelle/Leddra Chapman The Borderline, London is a great place to hear live music. Set in a basement just off Charing Cross Road, near Foyles bookstore, it’s a little rough around the edges (but better for … Continue reading

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Something special goes like this

Following the new year birthing celebrations, The Angel, Woodbridge, closed its doors for a couple of days quick refurbishment to lighten the wooden floors, install some new furniture and freshen-up paintwork. And like shaving the beard off a nun, there’s a … Continue reading

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Time to be for Paper Aeroplanes

The music industry is a notoriously fickle mistress. One moment insisting she is interested only in talent, the next bed-hopping between every Johnny-come-lately pretty face with little (if any) discernible musicality. Therefore, as a genuine music lover, it is always a great privilege to … Continue reading

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