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Kal Lavelle – The Ocean

Today (14th May 2013) sees the release of new single The Ocean by talented Irish musician Kal Lavelle. A single which will only enhance her ever-growing reputation as one of the best ‘undiscovered’ singer/songwriters around. A favourite Of Perez Hilton, the … Continue reading

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We Love Sundays With Kal Lavelle

The World’s End, Finsbury Park Sunday 24th March 2013 I had heard many good things about this regular and well-regarded music night in Finsbury Park, but whenever plans had been made to attend circumstances beyond my. . . blah, blah, … Continue reading

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Moths, Pirates and Diamonds with Fiona Bevan at Theta Cafe, Ipswich

You can’t say I didn’t warn you, having recommended this evening of musical magic in a previous blog. If you couldn’t make it (for whatever reason – maybe you had to polish the cat) you missed something quite special featuring … Continue reading

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Leddra Chapman at The Borderline, London

Wednesday 30th January 2013 Lee Broderick/Kal Lavelle/Leddra Chapman The Borderline, London is a great place to hear live music. Set in a basement just off Charing Cross Road, near Foyles bookstore, it’s a little rough around the edges (but better for … Continue reading

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Here come the girls

Word up (whatever that means). Oh, apparently it’s the code word and no matter where you say it you know that you’ll be heard. Good. So, pay attention and let me ask you all a question; what are you doing … Continue reading

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Something special goes like this

Following the new year birthing celebrations, The Angel, Woodbridge, closed its doors for a couple of days quick refurbishment to lighten the wooden floors, install some new furniture and freshen-up paintwork. And like shaving the beard off a nun, there’s a … Continue reading

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Time to be for Paper Aeroplanes

The music industry is a notoriously fickle mistress. One moment insisting she is interested only in talent, the next bed-hopping between every Johnny-come-lately pretty face with little (if any) discernible musicality. Therefore, as a genuine music lover, it is always a great privilege to … Continue reading

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