This is a blog in which Joe writes about the stuff of life, the universe and everything in between . Being a middle-aged person, and not suffering from early onset dementia, he has views and opinions on many topics. Views and opinions he is often willing to share. Topics covered will be many and varied. His interests include music, poetry, literature, justice and human rights, rugby, cricket, travel, comedy, film, science and nature, philosophy, psychology, sex, pies and gaffertape. He thinks most TV is brain dissolving vomit, dislikes celebrity with a passion, and is distrustful of politicians and organised/fundamentalist religion.

Unencumbered emotionally, Joe lives in a garret in a small market town in Suffolk, and works in London. As a nuisance. Often landing himself in hot water for trying to be humourous he nevertheless continues in this pursuit. If you’re looking for George Clooney, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.


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